Waiting until the last minute to define your goals and implement a game plan to achieve those goals is a recipe for disaster. Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to plan your fitness goals!!
Definition Fitness has you covered! Our 10-week Fall Jump Start Program combines proper training (2 sessions per week with your trainer, plus one optional workout), flexible nutrition (an eating plan designed to let you enjoy the holidays AND a partnership with delicious, local meal prep service @J.William Culinary) and the accountability of a community working towards one goal, to help you get 2018 started off with a bang! So if you are ready to have your best fitness year ever and to drop the same old NYE promises, sign-up!

Move Better, Feel Better, Look Better!

In everyone’s life, there comes a defining moment when we take stock of our health and lifestyle choices. It’s then that we decide who we want to be and how we want to live. Make this your defining moment and choose a healthy, happy future. At Definition Fitness, we’re more than a gym with personal trainers, we’re a complete lifestyle makeover facility with certified fitness professionals trained to help you achieve and maintain a state of overall physical and mental well-being.

It Only Works If You Work It

The trouble with most fitness programs is you sign up and start out with great intentions but, before you know it, you lose motivation and find yourself back at square one – only now, you’re stuck with another monthly bill. Not at Definition Fitness. When you work with our personal trainers you’re more likely to maintain your motivation and achieve your goals.

Our personalized services and pay-as-you-go fee structure – unlike most regular gym memberships – means you only pay for services that you use.  Click here to purchase sessions or make a payment


Our Personal Fitness Services Include:

  • Fitness & Nutritional Evaluations
  • General Fitness & Strength Training
  • 1-on-1 and Group Fitness
  • Sport-Specific Training
  • Crosstraining & TRX
  • Speed & Stability Development
  • Injury Rehabilitation & Kinesiotaping
  • Neuromuscular & Thai Massage