8 to Gate Program

Are you planning on running the Gate River Run in March?

Whether it is your first 15k or you are a River Run Streaker, Definition Fitness wants to help you run your best race possible.

Definition has created an 8-week cross-training program specifically with your goals in mind. So if you are looking to drop your race time and minimize the risk of injuries, this program is for you.

Designed to work in conjunction with either the Galloway or Hidgon training methods, this class will build a bullet-proof lower body, strengthen the core and reinforce the upper-body, leading to improved performance, decreased chance of injury and increase overall running enjoyment!!

Starting Tuesday 1/16 this class will meet every Tuesday and Thursday @ 7am or 6pm, and participants who sign up for the full 8-weeks will also have access to a recovery class, held Saturday morning.

Drop-In Rates -$25
Or sign up for the entire 8 week program for only $320, a savings of $80!!

Email or Call 904-398-6442 to reserve your spot today!